MediaPost Asks EGC: Should Beer Brands Back College Sports?

Jim McCune, Director of EGC’s Craft Beverage Division, offered insights to MediaPost, on the ‘hypocritical baggage’ concerning marketing partnerships between craft beer and college sports.

MediaPost.EGCAs college has begun for many, and team spirit is up, there a growing trend of partnerships (or team-ups) where a university mascot becomes part of a craft beer design, simultaneously promoting the school and the beverage at sporting events. This has created an understandable concern over the potential for alcohol abuse among students. 

Jim explains that while this concern if valid, the current economic times—along with the COVID-19 pandemic—have made the athletic team/craft beer combination a much-need means for schools to stay financially strong. Additionally, he points out that craft beer is a more appropriate option to promote than big-name mass-produced brands, because of the unique flavor—or even personality—of each individual brew. A special craft beer matched with a specific university is what appeals to students.

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