Media Post Ponders the Future of TikTok in a Q&A with EGC

TikTok, that social media favorite, is at the center of much controversy. Nicole Penn, President of EGC, talked with Media Post about the possible ban of TikTok in the U.S. and its impact on marketing.

MediaPost.News.iiOver the last several months, concerns surrounding TikTok—which originated in and is based in China—have prompted the White House to encourage support of the “RESTRICT Act,” a bipartisan bill that is focused on the protection of national security from this app’s collection of information among U.S. citizens.

In this interview, Nicole states that despite the concerns and controversies, TikTok still remains the preferred app among everyone from members of Gen Z to marketers, and she even claims that to this day, clients are lining up to have their brands promoted on this channel.

Will TikTok remain? How will brands that have become successful due to being visible on TikTok adapt if this app is in fact banned? Find out in Nicole’s complete Q&A with Media Post.

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