Marketing Brew Gets EGC’s Views on Brands Promoting Social Issues

EGC President Nicole Penn offered her views on where, when (and if) brands should profess their commitment to social causes.

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This article examines how brands may state their support for certain social causes. These gestures of altruism are often met, however, with suspicion by customers who question motives and sincerity. Are these brands truly invested in a cause, or are they merely proclaiming a superficial belief as a way to draw attention to themselves? Before jumping on the bandwagon for a particular cause, a brand must therefore step back and take a hard, honest look at its culture. As Nicole points out:

If you’re a brand celebrating International Women’s Day and you don’t have any women on your board, that’s something that’s going to get noticed and called out, and actually will end up being a negative versus a positive.

Essentially, only brands that can “walk the talk,” and prove their commitment to any social issues should consider standing up and declaring support.

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