Long Island Business News Gets EGC’s Take on Hybrid Work Models

EGC President Nicole Penn was among a group of professionals interviewed by Long Island Business News about the flexibility of working from home, the office—or both.

Long Island Business News logoWhile there are different opinions as to the benefits of working either remotely or from an office setting, the “new normal” that resulted from adapting to conditions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has declared the hybrid work model the preferred option—among both employers and employees.

Regarding in-office time, Nicole states: “We believe in the power of creativity that happens when you’re together ideating, conceptualizing and building, which is best in person.”

Additionally, allowing team members to work remotely have also yielded unrealized benefits: “We now have talent all over the country. The best person for the best role sometimes is not always in our backyards.”  Cases in point at EGC are Brian McAlpin, Web developer (in Illinois), Tonya Phillips, Director of Performance Marketing (in Connecticut) and Max Ross, Digital Account Manager (in Florida).

The hybrid model is indeed here to stay, as Nicole sums up its effectiveness: “For us, there’s been no decrease in productivity…“2022 was the best year we’ve had as a company.”

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