Let EGC Help You Develop an Influencer and Creator Network

EGC presents this guide that will provide insight into the value of using influencers and content creators to help boost your brand’s presence.

As social media and video marketing have taken branding by storm, we at EGC cannot emphasize enough the importance of being in the know about the latest and most effective marketing strategies. Case in point: Influencers and content creators. Did you know…?

  • In the last eight years, influencers and content creators have collectively grown as an industry from $1.7 billion to $24 billion.
  • There are 207 million individuals who serve as influencers or content creators to brands on the wide range of social media platforms.

The above are only examples of how this comparatively new strategy for increasing brand awareness has made such a major impact in a short span of time.

If you’ve never thought about adding influencers or content creators to your marketing mix, now is the time to think again. Click below and download “Growing Your Influencer and Creator Network.”

We guarantee there is the right influencer or creator who will help increase your brand’s visibility, far and wide.

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