Leadership Video Series Speaks to Nicole Penn

Sara Sabin, a U.K.-based transformational leadership and business coach, interviewed EGC CEO Nicole Penn in a recent episode of “Leading in the Modern Way.”

Nicole PennSara Sabin

In this interview, Nicole discussed a variety of topics, including the start of her career in advertising and when she joined EGC as the “digital revolution” began in the late 1990s, to her partnership with founder of the Agency, Ernie Canadeo.

Nicole also discussed EGC’s adoption of the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) model, which has helped the leadership team place as much focus ”on” the business, as well as “in” the business. In short, the growth of the Agency should equal that of its clients.

When asked about new or future challenges, Nicole stated that—regardless of the industry—consumers are not as willing to make purchases as they were in the last couple of years, and solutions must be created to help clients and business navigate in this climate of uncertainty. Looking at the situation positively, Nicole believes there is a great deal of opportunity in motivating potential customers to purchase and contribute to clients’ economies.

Additional topics covered ranged from Nicole’s appreciation of being part of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), her pride in EGC’s record of “boomerang employees” (those who left at one point but eventually came back), and the longevity of client relationships, thanks to a partnership model where the Agency has “skin in the game.”

Watch the complete Leading in the Modern Way interview.