Latest EGC Video for Brother International Corporation

The first half of 2021 brought on a new wave of entrepreneurism. In fact, according to Sage research, almost half (45 percent) of the people who started a business in 2021 were inspired to do so during the 2020 lockdown. And many of these new startups or passion pursuits are embroidery businesses, as can be seen by rise of Etsy shops and the consumer desire for personalized goods. Brother International Corporation, a global leader in sewing and embroidery, helps fulfill the entrepreneurial dream with the new Entrepreneur W PR680W 6-needle home embroidery machine.

Brother Entrepreneur W PR680WThe EGC Group decided a remarkable product deserved a remarkable story. With an energy and narrative style unusual for the category, the “GoGetter” campaign delivers exactly that. GoGetter speaks to serious embroidery enthusiasts who are ready to take their crafting to the next level—as well as to people looking to jump-start a business of their very own. This spot follows the entrepreneurial journey of a family that will inspire all of us.

Brother is proud to have created a product that can help make their dreams a reality, and the EGC team is proud to help spread the word.

Watch the Brother “Go-Getter” video here.

Brother Entrepreneur W PR680W.02