How TikTok is Inspiring, Influencing and Changing the Face of Full-Scale Video Production

For many beauty brands, organic, influencer style content performs best. These brands lose a good deal of control, however, when working with influencers, so it is therefore important to supplement influencer content with content produced by the brand. One reason influencer content works well for brands is that it feels organic and the target audience can relate to it. It is for this reason that many beauty brands have shifted from perfectly polished, highly produced-looking content to more organic-in-nature content.

To this end, TikTok has had a great influence on the beauty space, with brands leveraging this platform’s trends in the video content that they are producing. In lieu of detailed brand stories, brands are choosing video styles that their target audiences can relate to. TikTok-inspired trends—such as “This or That” transformations, transitions and retro style video footage—have all been guiding creative ideation for our full-scale productions. Though the videos may look and feel more organic in nature, they still require high-end productions to ensure brand standards are maintained. The content needs to look authentic and relatable, but that does not translate to cheap or low-scale production.

This TikTok-style approach has had a great impact on video production companies and the work they are being engaged to produce. Flexible sets, amazing wardrobe stylists and a wide range of talent have become increasingly important. Wardrobe must feel trendy, real and attainable, and less perfectly polished—which is a shift for many brands. In terms of talent, an inclusive mix of different faces, ethnicities and styles is important for brands to feel more relevant and relatable. Additionally, vertical shots designed for platforms like Instagram Stories has also impacted how production companies work. At the end of the day, the content all needs to look amazing—which still requires the highest end equipment, lighting, and talent behind-the-scenes.