From The Content Studio: Jovia’s Financial Literacy Video Series, Part II

Banking and money matters don’t automatically connect with humor—but EGC accomplished this feat last year with the creation and launch of Jovia Financial Credit Union’s video series on “financial literacy.” Featuring a smart and sassy-but-savvy spokesperson—Jo from Jovia—EGC devised several videos that were as entertaining as they were informative; so much so, that this campaign won a Telly Award for Best Social Video Series.

Jo and Joseph.Jovia.NewsFollowing this success, EGC is proud to present the second installment of Jovia’s “financial literacy series.” Enjoy the wit and wisdom of Jo (who has an assistant named Joseph in one spot.)

  • Youth Savings Account: Meet Jo’s assistant, Joseph—a 10-year-old financial prodigy who explains how a person is never too young to start saving. (Just don’t call him “Little Jo.”) Find out what Jo and Joseph have to say here.

  • Cyber Security: The convenience and ease to browse and shop online is great—“until it isn’t,” says Jo. The practice of shopping online has given rise to new forms of hacking, theft, and confidence scams. Get Jo’s pointers on cyber security.

  • Home Equity Line of Credit: Here, Jo explains the benefits of a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC for short). Learn how you can turn the value of what your home is worth into a loan for any number of purchases, thanks to HELOC.

  • Mortgage Preapproval: Jo gives details about Jovia’s mortgage preapproval process, which can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. There are also some neat programs and benefits for first-time home buyers seeking a mortgage loan.

  • Credit: How do you earn a healthy credit score? Jo points out these steps (as she tends to an avocado plant). Additionally, she stresses the importance of keeping tabs on your credit as protection against identity theft. Learn about credit scores and more.

Click here for more financial advice from Jo.

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