From The Content Studio: Brother International Corporation Videos

It may only have been a couple of months since they premiered, but the response to EGC’s latest videos for Brother International Corporation has been very positive. Check (or recheck) them out.


Brother.05-1First, EGC designed and created the “Go-Getter” campaign to promote Brother’s new 6-needle home embroidery machine—the Entrepreneur W PR680W. This new machine is indeed very timely, as it is answering the needs of many aspiring entrepreneurs who have been trying to start their own embroidery businesses. Either witness or revisit the feelings of inspiration from the Brother “Go-Getter” video here.

Brother.09Then, for a video that provides an entertainingly educational look at Brother’s state-of-the-art quilting machines, EGC created a “mini movie,” that featured members of Quilt Club—one of whom is an undercover agent. Who is this agent? Why is he here? You can find out by watching this amusing and informative video here. (Hint: It’s all good. Aside from a cute storyline, Brother’s latest lineup of Quilt Club machines is displayed for crafting enthusiasts to enjoy.)

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