Forbes Names Jovia as One of the Best Credit Unions in NY

Forbes Magazine recently listed Jovia Financial Credit Union, a client of EGC Group, in its list of “America’s Best Credit Unions in Each State.” This is the second year in a row this Westbury-based organization has been placed on Forbes’ list. It also is the only credit union on Long Island to receive this distinction.

Jovia_Logo.02.updatedAll credit unions – 182 in total – that won a place on this list resulted from surveys conducted by Forbes in partnership with Statista, a German-based market research firm. Over 25,000 customers rated credit unions where they transacted business. Features such as “Trust,” “Terms & Conditions,” “Branch Services,” “Digital Services,” and “Financial Advice” were among the criteria by which votes were taken and calculated. Read more details by clicking here.

And, check here to see the full list of credit unions mentioned by Forbes.

Congratulations to Jovia from EGC.