Everything Old Is New Again: Blue Point Brewing Company

The challenges ushered in by COVID-19 have forced most brands to ask themselves a new and challenging question: “How do we stay visible and active while we cut back on the time, energy, and expenses required for strategic marketing?” The answer: Repurpose already effective content.

Today, the practice of reusing content has become a necessary tactic for many brands. EGC Creative Director, Rich DeSimone, and David Balfour, Co-Owner of LIGHTBLUE, strongly recommended the repurposing of existing content during EGC’s recent Comeback Series Webinar.

EGC Executive Director of Craft Beverage, Jim McCune, originally developed these craft beverage brands to catch the eyes of consumers in a highly-cluttered space. Today, these challenges are tenfold.

Oatmeal Stout


American Pale Ale

Toxic Sludge Black India Pale Ale


The moral of this trend is: Repurpose content, and if you can make it nostalgic – even better.

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