EGC’s New Client: SoaPen – a Recent “Shark Tank” Contestant

EGC has just been hired by SoaPen, an innovative new company that was recently featured on ABC’s reality show, “Shark Tank.”

SoaPen logo.News FeatureSoaPen is, as its name suggests, produces soap-filled pens where kids can have fun drawing designs and pictures on their hands. When finished, all they need to do is run their hands under warm water, which creates a lather—washing and cleaning their artwork away. Aside from being a fun new gadget they can play with, SoaPens will help them develop good hygiene habits for keeping their hands clean.

Shark Tank logo-1EGC is excited to be in the position to perform public relations and influencer work for SoaPen, especially after its memorable appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” If you’ve seen the episode, you know the outcome. If you have not, click here to see how the verdict of guest host, Nirav Tolia, had a change of mind and heart. (And that does not happen often on “Shark Tank.”)

Shark Tank sceneLearn more about SoaPen by visiting their website here.

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