EGC’s Marketing Edge Podcast: TikTok Strategies—A Social Media Roundtable

Listen in as Christina Botte, EGC’s Director of Social Media discusses the benefits of promoting brands via TikTok with Ashley Prager, Digital Marketing Manager at Jovia Financial.

Admittedly, one does not instantly associate a credit union with social media. EGC and Jovia Financial realized, however, that this translated to a unique opportunity for growth and visibility.

Sure enough, when Jovia joined TikTok, very few similar financial organizations had a presence on that site. And this platform did indeed effectively attract younger customers, such as GenZ, and made them aware of Jovia’s products and services. The results were, to say the least, impressive. How impressive? Tune in to your platform of choice from the list below find to find out—along with how Jovia has grown—thanks to social media.