EGC’s Marketing Edge Podcast: The Great Social Scramble—Navigating a Possible TikTok Ban and its Marketing Impact

Shannon Duer, Senior Social Manager at EGC offers insights on the question: Can we live in a world without TikTok?

Yes, as you probably know, this “social media behemoth” —as host Max Ross refers to it—is at risk of being banned due to concerns of national security. While the fate of TikTok is still up in the air, many questions have arisen, including:

  • What could the social media landscape look like with the absence of TikTok?
  • How will the popularity of short-form video content be affected?
  • Are other social media platforms positioning themselves to capitalize on this uncertainty?
  • How is this impacting the “creator economy,” made up of influencer and content creators?
  • Will costs-per-lead for ads on social media shift?

Listen in to the answers provided by Shannon and Max as they offer knowledge for developing alternative marketing strategies in navigating the ever-evolving digital environment.

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