EGC’s Marketing Edge Podcast: Leveraging Media

Welcome to EGC’s Marketing Edge podcast. Today, we examine remnant media, and how it can be leveraged for an improved return on investment (ROI).

EGC Edge Podcast.iiThe guest speaker for this podcast is Angela Mertz, EGC’s VP of Integrated Media, who defined “remnant ad space” as unsold inventory which either did not sell at its expected higher rate or was canceled from other sites. Regardless of the reason, it is “found” or “last minute” inventory that media and publishers were unaware of having, but which is readily available. As a result, they aim to sell off this inventory—which usually will be at a much lower cost than if it had been purchased in advance.

To hear more of Angela’s talk about remnant media, as well as advice on how to use—or leverage—it to your marketing advantage, listen to the podcast.


Or, listen below: