EGC’s Latest PR Placement: Brother in ABC LA

EGC’s public relations efforts recently caught the attention of major news outlet in the second largest media market in the country. ABC LA – an affiliate of American Broadcasting Company – ran a story of how business has picked up for a neighborhood sewing shop – where products of Brother International Corporation were prominently on display.

Brother.SignAs many people choose to remain indoors for much of the time due to the coronavirus pandemic, they need to stay occupied. This has inspired an increased interest in home-based hobbies – one of which is sewing. And for Scott Goodman, an Authorized Brother Dealer who owns Sewing Machine Warehouse in North Hills, CA, business is booming beyond anything he could have imagined. How much? In the past, Mr. Goodman was satisfied if business increased five percent each year. This year, stay-at-home orders for sewing machines and products are 10 times that percentage. As for the customers, some have upped their game by going from sewing hobbyist to entrepreneur.

Brother.Scott Goodman

Read more about the success of Sewing Machine Warehouse, and watch the accompanying video (featuring some of Brother’s innovative machines in action) by clicking here.