EGC’s Latest Campaign for KISS Goes to the Top Floor

EGC developed a disruptive ‘imPRESS Yourself’ video series as part of a global TV and digital media campaign for client KISS Products that is generating news coverage on a grand scale.

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Welcome to ‘imPRESS Express’…

Christie Bacchioni, Account Supervisor at EGC, explained the storyline of this campaign:

“Our campaign idea was centered around an elevator. This was no ordinary elevator; it was the ‘imPRESS Express’—an immersive beauty pod that helps quickly communicate the ease and speed of application featuring a truly innovative product. The twist is that when unsuspecting consumers enter, they have 30 floors to apply new lashes or new nails.”

Seeing is believing…

Super-charged social media videos

Adding to the uniqueness of this campaign is the fact that not one—but two—KISS Products received the ‘imPRESS Express’ treatment. Yes, the imPRESS product lines of “no glue” press-on eyelashes and peel-and-press nails were each featured in cool, disruptive social media videos. Here are two examples:

To complement and further spread the word about ‘imPRESS Express, EGC just launched a work page detailing the campaign—complete with teaser and the whole collection of social videos.

How has this campaign been received? Read on…

Wide-ranging coverage

This campaign has taken off like wildfire! Coverage of EGC’s innovative campaign for the KISS imPRESS product line continues to grow. Press releases have appeared—and been reposted—in the following publications.

The EGC Group and KISS Products have been working together for seven years, and their partnership remains strong, as Rich DeSimone, VP, Creative Director of EGC states:

“We have always worked collaboratively with the KISS team to build both beautiful and successful campaigns, and this one is no exception. We wanted to create something that can serve as a cornerstone for an ongoing campaign which allows us to communicate all the great product benefits to new users. As we continue to look at the concept evolution, we are developing extensions beyond TV and digital to maximize reach and drive new users to try the products.”

Going up? The ‘imPRESS Express’ certainly is!

We at EGC are proud of having created and brought visibility of this KISS campaign to the ‘top floor.’