EGC’s Game Day Dip Showdown

Dips of every kind are staples of Super Bowl parties. To psyche up for this Sunday, members of EGC presented their own unique recipes for a fun and lively taste-testing.

The name of the party for this week’s event was “Game Day Dip Showdown at EGC,” where nine very different—but equally delicious—types of dip were set out for everyone at the Agency to sample, which you can watch in this video preview taken before the selections were served.

  • “Classic Chili Dip” — Veronica Rupay-Vargas, Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • “Greek Dip” — Erin Lagano, Art Director
  • “7 Layers of Heaven Greek Dip” – Meg Leary, Account Supervisor
  • “The Onions Era” — Hayley Botte, Social Media Manager
  • “Taco Tuesday Temptation Dip” — Rachel Lubertine, Project Manager
  • “Halftime Show Fiesta Spinach” — Jackie DiBella-Curry, Account Manager
  • “Roasted Garlic Bread Caprese Dip” — Christie Bacchioni, Account Supervisor
  • “Tennessee Caviar” — Lara Bass, Chief Operating Officer
  • “Dean’s Baba Ganoush” — Dean Baram, Videographer

With selections like those listed above, deciding on a winner was truly challenging. When all votes were counted, the deciding vote for the winning recipe of the title “Dip Royalty” went to…

Hayley Botte’s “The Onions Era” in first place, with Jackie DiBella-Curry’s “Halftime Show Fiesta Spinach.”

Thank you to all who contributed their delicious Super Bowl delicacies at this week’s party.

And regardless of who you are rooting for—Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers—enjoy the game on Sunday!