EGC’s Craft Beer Marketing Awards Celebrate Third Successful Year

As we conclude our third year, the Craft Beer Marketing Awards (CBMAS), which was created and is sponsored by EGC Group, is gaining attention from all over the world.

CBMAS.EGC Weekly.Expo

Having started in 2019, this first-of-its-kind competition that honors and salutes the best in every area of marketing in the brewing industry has expanded from a national stage to a global stage. The judges panel for this year, for example, consists of 500 industry professionals from 24 countries who will evaluate and decide on the finest professional craft brewing marketing collateral.

Entries are open to anyone involved in marketing within the brewing industry around the world—including cider and hard seltzer, and mead. Breweries, their agencies, artists, and marketing partners are all invited to enter their work.

Do any of the previously mentioned classifications apply to you? Then why not enter by clicking here.

And, be sure to check out the CBMAS podcast, Marketing On Tap.