EGC’s Angela Mertz Moderates Tribe Global Media Roundtable

Angela Mertz, EGC’s VP of Integrated Media, recently served as moderator for the first Media Roundtable event for Tribe Global. 

egc-partner-tribeThis international event, which was conducted remotely, took place on Thursday, October 28, and held in Amsterdam. A panel of advertising experts everywhere from California to the United Kingdom offered their insights into the latest media trends, and what may be expected going forward.

Topics covered included:

  • The return of media budgets, and the direction they are headed.
  • The power of podcasts as media tools, as they can reach diverse audiences in targeted ways, and lead to high engagement levels.
  • The popularity of streaming—both audio and video—and the tolerance level of how much money people are willing to pay for subscriptions to an ever-growing number of platforms.
  • TikTok, and how this social media sensation has indeed driven many clients to visit the websites of brands promoted on it.
  • The rise—and necessity—of first-party data and how marketers and brands must clean up their databases, and build new foundations, and essentially, as one panel member phrased it, “smarten up their CRMs.

Many other topics were covered, but there were important takeaways that apply to all marketing environments, such as:

  • Content is still king, and the marriage of content and media is key.
  • When the proverbial needle is moved for the client, the agency is the star.
  • While digital seems to be everywhere, it cannot drive everything, and can neither create nor capture intent. (Indeed, if a client pulls away from traditional forms of advertising, its digital presence is adversely affected.)
  • The industry is forever changing, and a sense of empathy and compassion is the foundation to build on.

Congratulations, Angela, for this honor!

Tribe Global is an international network of successful, owner-run independent communications agencies and business partners that encompasses 40 agencies in over 70 cities across Europe, North and Latin America, Middle East and Asia. The goal of Tribe Global is to combine the scale of a network with a spirit of strategic and creative independence.

EGC is thrilled to be a central part of this event.

Great going, Angela!

Learn more about Tribe Global here.