EGC Works with Mayo Clinic Diet Ambassadors to Spread the Word

EGC has been promoting the benefits of the Mayo Clinic Diet everywhere possible. And what could be more effective then user-generated content from actual members and ambassadors?

Mayo Clinic Ambassadors.NewsEGC works with real-life members of the Mayo Clinic Diet, many of whom have become ambassadors who share their progress, journey, and success on the program. Additionally, EGC works with influencers who have joined the program and provided similar assets about their experience. These include the new and healthier habits they’ve picked up, and the recipes they love. These ambassadors and influencers also share off-scale victories they have achieved—which include reversed prediabetes, improved heart health, significantly lower blood pressure, more confidence, better sleep, better skin, and more energy. How effective is this kind of messaging? The user-generated content is the Mayo Clinic Diet’s highest-performing content on both organic and paid social, which has also been shared on its website and within remarketing emails to inspire and convert members.

Visit the Mayo Clinic Diet Instagram page, where you’ll find everything from personal testimonials to recipes, among other examples of user-generated content.

Be sure to also meet and learn about the “Mayo Clinic Diet Ambassadors.”