EGC Tells Like it is About TikTok to Newsday

EGC President Nicole Penn recently commented on both the controversies surrounding TikTok and its staying power in social media marketing.

Newsday.EGC News PostThe Newsday article broaches the mounting concerns of how TikTok—which is owned by a parent company based in China—might be a potential national security risk. Nicole maintains that this social media app is proactively addressing these issues as well as separating itself from the parent company. And despite any fear or backlash, TikTok’s place in brand marketing is strongly established and past the point of no return, as it is the core of the social media life for the younger generation (read: customers).

For those brands who are still posting to TikTok, Nicole recommends keeping the video content short, light, fun, informative, and inspiring. (No controversy there.)