EGC Talks Texting with Newsday

Nicole Penn, President of EGC, spoke to Newsday on the dramatic increase and effectiveness of how brands connect with customers via text. 

Newsday.EGC News PostWe all know that texting—also known as search message service (SMS)—is popular and widely used, but were you aware of its power where branding is concerned? The Newsday article listed some very eye-opening statistics:

  • Currently, 55 percent of businesses send text messages to customers.

  • Approximately 51 percent of customers respond to text messages between one and two minutes after receiving them. 

  • Conversely, 35 percent of these users will respond to an email after a few hours.

With figures like these, it is little wonder that brands appreciate the efficiency of communicating with their audiences through text. Nicole told Newsday that EGC has seen an approximate 50 percent increase in SMS marketing, year-over-year, and noted that this form of engagement increased due to Apple’s rollout of iOS this past fall—which strengthened user privacy and prevented marketers from knowing when or whether an email deployment was read.

Find out more of what Nicole had to say to Newsday.