EGC Talks NFTs with Marketing Dive

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are everywhere. Nicole Penn, President of EGC Group, explained the secret ingredient that an NFT needs in order to be successful to Marketing Dive.

Marketing DriveBefore considering using NFTs, the question a brand must ask itself is: Is it collectable? As Nicole states: “The first phase of using NFTs are by those that already had a collectability. They’re coming out with NFT-edition products.”

Read the complete Marketing Dive article here to find out why NFTs are not just a popular but passing trend; they are a valuable resource that can effectively promote brand messaging.

For the last month, EGC has been keeping track of the growing popularity of NFT technology, and its potential to serve as a valuable marketing tool for brands. EGC published an article on this topic in Additionally, we’ve written blogs on how some brands are already using NFTs in their marketing strategies and their tie-in to art collecting and what makes them valuable.