EGC Talks Customer Expectations with Newsday

EGC President Nicole Penn spoke to Newsday about the customer experience, post-COVID-19. Shoppers have changed their attitudes and practices, so brands must be ready to adapt.

Newsday.EGC News PostThe COVID-19 pandemic greatly influenced customers in the switch to browsing and shopping through digital channels. Nicole cites the growing popularity of a brand website’s “chat” feature and voice search as two examples of this change in how customers now prefer to shop. Both technologies give customers on-the-spot answers to questions about everything from locations to products and services.

Complementing Nicole’s observations were results mentioned by EGC client, Country Carpet, claiming that customers “inundated” its chat feature once the pandemic broke out.

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Also, learn more about Raydeus, which is referenced in the article, and its dramatic increase in revenue and benefits to local businesses during the pandemic.