EGC Talks About the TikTok Resume Platform to CNET

Nicole Penn, President of EGC, talked with Abrar Al-Heeti of CNET about the new trend of submitting video resumes to potential employers through social media platform, TikTok.

TikTok.Resumes.NewsTikTok, which continues to make its mark on social media, recently launched a “resumes platform.” And as Nicole points out, digital natives are in high demand in today’s workforce. Wouldn’t an actual sample of this kind of expertise make more of an impact than a readable resume?

Think of it: Someone with exceptional skill in creating digital content presents who they are and what skills they have to offer to an employer via a brief, engaging and informative TikTok video. Yes, this may indeed be a game changer in helping job seekers who specialize in creating visual content get hired.

Interview.Nicole and AbrarThe article, along with the video interview between Nicole and Abrar, can be accessed here.

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