EGC Supports TikTok for B2B Businesses

In Marketing to Tech Pros (M2T), EGC President Nicole Penn offered insight on how TikTok can be a valuable tool for B2B brands.

M2T.logoMany enterprises—including B2B—are leery about using this relatively new video platform as a way to attract customers. Nicole believes that these businesses should look a little deeper and consider what positive possibilities TikTok might lead to—particularly if there are no competitors already utilizing this channel. Here is part of Nicole’s advice to these B2B brands:

“You’re getting the benefit of being the first ones there. The way TikTok works, you build these organic likes, you don’t have to pay for them like you do on like Facebook or Instagram. So if done well, it is possible to build early organic traction.”

Nicole points out that nother advantage of TikTok, which can also help ease the minds of B2B executives, is the help they can seek from agencies and influencers to make their presences known via this exciting video platform.

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