EGC Supports Sterling Optical for a Transitions® Win

A Sterling Optical franchisee—a division of EGC client Emerging Vision—won an award at the Transitions Academy meeting in Orlando, FL.

Sterling Optical Win

This week, EGC’s Jamie Erhardt (Group Account Director) and Hailey Metro (Marketing Coordinator) attended Transitions Optical’s 26th annual Transitions Academy in Orlando, Florida, one of the industry’s most well-recognized educational events.

Aside from learning about new trends and developments in the optical industry, Jamie and Hailey got to cheer on our Sterling Optical franchisees, Mr. Joel Mahepath and Dr. Lisa Adams-Mahepath, who operate two locations in the Virgin Islands. The pair were nominated for Transitions’ “2022 U.S. Eyecare Practice of the Year”—and they won! This award recognizes an independent eye care practice in the U.S. that actively promotes healthy sight to their patients and their communities while supporting Transitions’ values of quality, education, service, and innovation.

At Transitions Academy, Jamie and Hailey met with other industry professionals from all over the world. One of the most topical subjects covered was the future of Generative AI in eyewear marketing. Additionally, guest speakers were on hand, as were presentations of upcoming Transitions® Optical product lines.

Welcome back, Jamie and Hailey, and congratulations to Mr. Mahepath and Dr. Adams-Mahepath!