EGC Speaks Out About Podcasts to Newsday

Podcasts are rapidly appearing everywhere. EGC President Nicole Penn presented advice to Newsday about how to create a successful and effective podcast that will stand out.

Newsday.EGC News PostThe Newsday article documented how many Long Island-businesses are becoming part of what may be called the “podcast boom,” with, the well-known online floral retailer, as the latest brand to join this ever-growing list. Other famous names who currently stream podcasts include actress Lindsay Lohan (“The Lohdown”), and former WFAN sport-talk host Mike Francesca (“The Mike Francesca Podcast”).

With so many podcasts about so many different topics, Nicole’s advice to podcasters is to narrow the subject of their programs, stating: “The nichier the better.” The more focused the podcast, the more informative and memorable it will be to listeners.

Read the complete Newsday article.

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