EGC Secures TV Coverage for Education Client’s New Offering

As the debate over whether or not schools should open continues, EGC’s PR department recently helped Apple Montessori Schools relay their approach to operating in the upcoming school year via a feature that was broadcast on News 12 New Jersey.

Apple Montessori.05EGC Group has given added visibility to how Apple Montessori Schools is planning to conduct classes for this school year, despite the ongoing pandemic. Highly regarded for its unique approach toward the teaching and development of each student, Apple Montessori Schools demonstrated this by announcing that teachers and students would be able attend class either in-person or via virtual programs.

Apple Montessori.02Read more about what Joanne Mooney, founder of Apple Montessori Schools, had to say about the importance of being flexible for how teachers, students, and parents can communicate during the challenge of the COVID-19 panic in a news piece for News 12 New Jersey by clicking here.

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