EGC Salutes Partnership with Brother International Corporation

In a study by Business2Community, the average tenure between an agency and a particular client is between three and five years. With those figures in mind, we are proud to salute our partnership with Brother International Corporation, whom we’ve worked with for 17 years—and counting.

Brother.logo.FeatureBack in 2005, EGC was hired by Brother to conduct a research project. And from there, the partnership developed and expanded to include creative and media services. 

Here is an excerpt of a public relations article on EGC’s very first campaign with Brother, which was fittingly titled, “Generations”:

New “Generations” Ad Campaign Hits Newsstands
We recently redirected our ad campaign to better convey the message that Brother machines are “not your grandmother’s sewing machines.” With our continuous efforts to provide innovative solutions as well as cutting-edge technology, Brother is leading the way to sewing of the future. This high-tech message will help us attract a new generation of consumers and bridge the gap between traditional and new sewers.

Since then, we have planned and produced advertising materials that have run the gamut from printed sell sheets to holiday gift guides, as well as informative, engaging—and at times, funny—video content.

Check out a few of EGC’s campaigns for Brother:

Project Runway

Brother.Project RunwayIn 2012, to help boost the sale of Brother products, EGC connected to a new, younger audience to interest them in the crafts of sewing and embroidery. Coinciding with this was a deal with reality show “Project Runway,” with Brother as sole sewing sponsor, and where its machines were viewed by all.

Adding Some Punch

Brother.MarvelIn 2017, Brother partnered with Marvel Comics, and was permitted to create embroidery designs featuring Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America, among other characters. EGC produced promotional material featuring iconic figures in the ‘Adding Some Punch’ campaign.

Perfect For Special Occasions

Brother.ScanNCutTo promote Brother’s specialized ScanNCut, EGC created a series of videos that engaged viewers with the cool features of this machine while educating them on its usefulness. The ScanNCut may be used for any number of occasions, such as a wedding, as this ‘Bridal Shower’ video demonstrates.

Are You a Go-Getter?

Brother.Go-GetterMany people are embarking on their own start-up businesses. Taking the lead on this, EGC devised and executed a campaign for the Entrepreneur W PR680W 6-Needle Embroidery machine from Brother, which was promoted via video, social, and press coverage. Behold the ‘Go-Getter’ campaign.

The belief at the EGC Group is that we are more than an agency to our clients. We’re partners with our clients. Thank you, Brother International Corporation for partnering with us for the last 17 years.