EGC Quoted in Newsday About Holiday Gift Returns

Nicole Penn, President of EGC Group, was recently quoted in a Newsday article concerning the traffic and cost of post-holiday gift returns.

Newsday.EGC News PostThe number of holiday gifts bought, given—and returned—grows every year, which means that the expense also increases. Nicole points out that this increase is prevalent among the e-commerce clients of EGC. Unsurprisingly, many shoppers browsed and bought via the Internet for the 2020 holiday season due to the pandemic. While this trend will continue, it will do so at a slower pace as more vaccinated shoppers are willing to visit brick-and-mortar stores to purchase presents for family and friends.

Steps businesses should take to limit the number of returns include keeping any online reviews up-to-date and honest, placing “dynamic” size charts that can determine sized of items, and strong and safe packaging.

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