EGC Quoted in Cover Story of Business News

In the cover story of Long Island Business News, EGC President Nicole Penn presented insights on the post-pandemic customer shopping experience—and expectations.

Long Island Business News logoThe article, “Welcome Back: A Look at Businesses and Consumers in a Post-COVID Landscape,” points out how the increase in vaccinations and the decrease in positive tests for the coronavirus have opened the doors of many businesses to just as many customers.

The attitudes and expectations among customers, however, have radically changed in the last 15 months. Nicole points out how the “…post-pandemic decision-making process is shortened” in regard to deciding what (or what not) to purchase.

With the darker days of the COVID-19 pandemic behind them, many people are embracing the philosophies of “seize the day” and are living for the moment, as evidenced by purchases of luxury items they might not have considered before, as well as “revenge spending,” which is “buying-as-compensation” for having sacrificed much of their time and activities since March of 2020. Businesses must therefore be ready, willing, and able to accommodate these new attitudes and requests of their customers.

Here is the complete Long Island Business News article.

The exclusive EGC study, “Psychology Behind the Post-COVID Consumer Behavior” is referenced in the Long Island Business News article and can be accessed here.