EGC Public Relations Spotlight: Lacrosse Unlimited, Inc.

Joe DeSimone, CEO of EGC client Lacrosse Unlimited Inc. was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal. 

The article, titled “Calling In Sick or Going on Vacation, Workers Aren’t Showing Up This Summer,” covers why workers are not turning up to their jobs. From having been diagnosed with COVID-19 to catching up on vacation time that was lost when the pandemic began, among other reasons, an unusual trend of understaffed workplaces has taken root in the summer of 2022.

Joe DeSimone is the founder and CEO of Lacrosse Unlimited Inc., a sporting goods chain with 46 locations throughout the U.S. Mr. DeSimone spoke to The Wall Street Journal about the current employee shortage at the Edgewood, NY headquarters:

“Every given day there’s an expectation that someone will be out, more because their child has Covid, and they have to figure out child care—they can’t go to school, they can’t go to camp…It’s less the employee, it’s more that someone in their family has it and they take off.”

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