EGC-Produced Instagram Reels Creates Huge Increase In Social Engagement For Jovia Financial Credit Union

EGC client, Jovia Financial Credit Union, Jovia saw an increase in social engagement by using Instagram Reels created and produced by EGC, while also reaching a younger demographic.

Jovia Instagram Reels Feature.iiYou wouldn’t think that a financial institution would attract a lot of attention and enthusiasm, particularly from anyone in their late teens to early 20s. Yet that is what EGC accomplished with the planning, production and implementation of engaging video content for Jovia Financial Credit Union—which resulted in a 55 percent increase of overall ad engagement.


Read more about EGC’s video campaign for Jovia Financial Credit Union, and learn about the effectiveness of content-based, visual marketing.

While  you’re at it, check out this “sneak preview” of a soon-to-be-released video on Instagram.

EGC has definitely defined Jovia Financial Credit Union as a jovial place to be!