EGC Presents Eye-Catching Television Commercial for Vaughn College

EGC is helping Vaughn College promote its programs via a television commercial to alert students to the fact that—despite the restrictions of COVID-19—they can stay close, but go far with a degree in engineering and technology, management or aviation.

Vaughn.Stay Close.Go Far

With ongoing concerns of how classes can be conducted during these challenging times, EGC presented a television commercial for Vaughn College that encourages potential students to pursue their educational goals, and not to let the pandemic hold them back. In short: Don’t fear the future. In this television commercial, students literally speak to the future about how the skills, knowledge and experience they have gained from pursuing one of the courses of study at Vaughn have prepared them for tomorrow. These students, complemented by eye-catching special effects representing technical schematics, confidently state that they are ready—for anything. The positioning: “Stay Close. Go Far.”

Watch the television commercial here.

Side note: This television commercial was broadcast during the US Open a couple of weeks ago, so a special shout out goes to Angela Mertz, VP, Integrated Media for helping make this happen!