EGC Offers TikTok Tips to Medical Marketing and Media

TikTok can be used to promote any brand or industry—even healthcare. Nicole Penn, President of EGC Group, explains how to Medical Marketing and Media.

Medical Media Marketing.NewsAt first, the terms “TikTok” and “healthcare” seem miles apart from each other. Since TikTok has over one billion users who use the app on a monthly basis, however, this is a prime opportunity for healthcare brands to reach out and connect.

In this article, Nicole emphasizes maintaining a steady balance of content, which should be divided between direct info from a healthcare organization which is complemented by posts from influencers or ambassadors.

Among the many benefits that healthcare brands can gain from applying TikTok to their social media strategies is cost-effectiveness. A lot of success may result from organic content, which means considerable savings. Healthcare brands who choose to begin a TikTok presence must be patient, as Nicole states:

“Even if brands are skeptical or they’re not seeing early traction, we just tell them to keep at it because you’re building organic visibility. It’s hard on Facebook or Instagram to get organic impressions like you can with TikTok.”

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