EGC Offers Advice to Small Businesses on CBS News

Nicole Penn was featured on CBS News in a feature story on how small businesses can stand out in holiday sales.

CBS News LogoBetween a host of discounts and sales offered by “big box” competitors—compounded by increased costs in shipping, labor, and rent—local independent businesses face an uphill battle when appealing to consumers during the holiday season. The practice these businesses should avoid, however, is overextending any discount offers, as they will—to quote CBS reporter Jennifer McLogan—“discount themselves out of business.”

Nicole.CBS NewsLocal businesses should focus on creativity. Reinforcing this idea, Nicole points out how some of EGC’s clients are bundling products, offering perks, and providing exceptional shopping experiences to their customers.

“Find new ways to compete and the ones who have saw a 40 percent lift in sales, which is awesome and a positive signal for other small businesses.”
— Nicole Penn, President, EGC Group

Watch the complete CBS News feature here.