EGC Offers Advice on Email and SMS in Digiday Article

In a recent article published in Digiday, EGC President Nicole Penn presented her views on the effectiveness of email and SMS marketing.

DIgiday.Ukraine.NewsThe article focuses on Fluent, a cannabis company based in Florida, and its efforts to make its presence known in the digital space. Unlike other cannabis companies, Fluent has selected email and SMS marketing strategies to connect to customers.

Communicating with Digiday via email, Nicole wrote:

“Email and SMS allow brands to lean on first-party data. The more personalized information you can have on your consumer, the better.” 

Additionally, she noted: 

“You’re not the only brand in their inbox (you’re likely one of 60 or 70). And if you’re communicating too often with content and experiences that aren’t useful or memorable you’re likely to get an opt-out.”

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