EGC is Growing: Welcomes New Hires

As the fall season begins, EGC is excited to welcome three new employees to the company. Meet our new Social Media Manager, Digital Account Manger, and Controller…

Shannon Duer.News FeatureShannon Duer – Social Media Manager

Shannon, EGC’s new Social Media Manager, previously held the role as Communications Manager at a strategic communications and marketing agency in New York City that worked with leading companies and nonprofits nationally. She has experience managing several client accounts across the education, art, and culture sectors, collaborating with celebrity influencers to promote social media campaigns, and has successfully executed strategies across various platforms to increase user engagement and drive traffic. Shannon is passionate about social media, keeping up with its trends, and she enjoys creating effective posts and campaigns to meet the needs of her clients. She is excited to be a part of the team at EGC Group as Social Media Manager and looks forward to building brand awareness and advancing the mission of her clients’ businesses.

Max Ross.News FeatureMax Ross – Digital Account Manager

Max Ross joins EGC as Digital Account Manager, having recently graduated with an MBA from Florida International University with a concentration in International Business. Max’s expertise includes content creation, digital marketing, and lead prospecting. With an admitted “fascination with the unconventional,” Max is excited by constantly emerging technologies, ranging from virtual reality to electric, self-driving automobiles. And it is this interest that has led him to work in strategic partnerships, business development, and brand marketing for disruptive brands across the automotive, technology, and design industries.

Jacqueline.News FeatureJacqueline DiPreta – Controller

Having worked in the media/advertising field for 15 years, Jacqueline DiPreta arrives wells seasoned and ready to take on the position of Controller at EGC. Jacqueline is a graduate of Hunter College, where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Accounting. Her previous job titles include that of Senior Accountant at Jones Media Radio (now Westwood One), Director of Accounting/Financial Reporting for a variety of agencies under Group M (which include Mindshare, Mediacom, and Media Edge), and Assistant Controller for Grey Global.