EGC Helps KISS Products Take Over Times Square

KISS Products, Inc. is feeling the love in Manhattan and Los Angeles by way of eye-catching billboard ad campaigns, thanks to EGC’s creative and media planning teams.

KISS.Falscara.News iiIt has been a banner year for KISS Products, which has seen sales growth increase by 112 percent since 2021. This week, its latest viral sensation—Falscara At-Home Lash Extensions—was on prominent display in Manhattan’s Time Square, at subway station entrances throughout Manhattan, and the Santa Monica shopping district of Los Angeles, where citizens, commuters, and visitors to these great metropolises could see these innovative beauty products in vibrant action on digital billboards. (The Times Square billboard ads will be running until Sunday, November 13, while the Manhattan subway and Santa Monica displays will be visible until the first week in December.)

Visit EGC’s LinkedIn page to see video footage.

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