EGC Group Introduces Raydeus™

New online listing management platform helps businesses be voice search-ready and top ranked in new search marketing era.

RAYDEUS_29438New York, NY – In response to new trends in search engine marketing and the growing need for small business owners to have self-service digital marketing solutions, EGC Group has created Raydeus – an innovative, low-cost online listing management platform that allows business owners to manage their online presence in real time.

The search engine landscape has changed dramatically. The new decade brings new trends. Customers search for businesses by speaking to Siri, Alexa or a digital assistant. But how this data is pulled differs greatly from traditional search, making it difficult for businesses to be findable in this new era of voice search.

Recent studies show that 73% of customers searching for local businesses are finding the information they need without going to a website – evidence of the rise of “zero click searches.” RaydeusTM  helps businesses optimize their no-click search digital footprint.

“Search engine marketing is changing faster than ever, and now with voice search growing rapidly, businesses need to provide the right information to consumers when someone’s searching for it,” said Raydeus co-founder Nicole Penn. “This includes updated information across all channels and data sources. It’s daunting for any business owner, so we’re thrilled to offer such an innovative, automated and low-cost solution to small businesses, retailers, and franchisees. We’ve already integrated the platform into our current retail client base, and we’re excited to see the popularity of Raydeus increase.”

Raydeus is a central platform to manage this vital information. Users can update their business hours, new products, services, menus and offerings once – and everything’s automatically updated throughout channels like Google My Business, Facebook, Apple Maps, Yelp, and Yahoo, among others.

Since many of these searches include the term “best,” it’s critical for businesses to manage online reviews, encourage positive reviews, and engage and respond to not-so-positive reviews quickly. Raydeus has a user-friendly review platform to help businesses win the review battle.

“Our franchisees are busy running their stores. They needed an easy-to-use digital marketing solution,” said Raydeus customer Kathie O’Connor from Sterling Optical. “Raydeus gives our franchisees real-time digital marketing results, reviews, and customer feedback”

Additional Raydeus users include SuperCuts, Edible Arrangements, and Country Carpet, among others.

With Raydeus™, businesses can:

  • Manage and update their information, especially vital stats like hours, menus, and product information.
  • Have a robust Google My Business profile, complete with posts, images, and enhanced listings.
  • Review management to monitor feedback on more popular platforms like Yelp and Google My Business. Raydeus™ users get real-time review notifications and easy solutions to publish good reviews across various channels and also respond to negative reviews.
  • Access online local marketing snapshots in a real-time 24/7 dashboard.
  • Enhance local online marketing with paid search and digital media options.

Business can learn more and get a complimentary scan to view their current online profile at