EGC Group: A Google Premier Partner

The EGC Group has a number of partnerships, one of which is the highest tier with Google. As a Google Premier Partner, EGC—and by extension, its clients—has access to unique and exclusive benefits that include product training, reports on key insights, and account support.

EGC.Google Premier Partner.iiWhy is this particular partnership so special? Google’s Premier Partner tier is reserved for the top three percent of companies that choose to participate. The eligibility of being named as a Google Premier partner correlates to how the web presence of a company performs in the country it operates in.

With a Google Premier Partnership, EGC…

  • Builds its knowledge base and earns product certifications on Skillshop, which is a training platform for Google Ads, as well as advanced learning opportunities via the Google Partners Academy program.

  • Receives insights that cover quarterly reports, along with tools, resources, and program news.

  • Can attend executive roundtable events and customized business coaching.

  • Is eligible to enter Google Partners Rewards challenges and be nominated for Premier Partner Awards.

Thank you, Google. The EGC Group is proud to be among the top three percent of companies that earn the classification of Google Premier Partner.