EGC Featured in U.S. Chamber of Commerce Article

An article in “Good Company,” published by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, included EGC President Nicole Penn’s observations how “Instagram buying” is benefiting smaller brands.

Chamber of Commerce

Image credit: Getty Images/peeterv

The article explained the new attitude in customers’ shopping preferences and behaviors in the post-pandemic shopping landscape. Customers are shifting from well-known retail giants to smaller, close-at-home local businesses and brands.

Additionally, shopping online has become the preferred method for buying and selling. The combination of social media and e-commerce—“social commerce”—is a perfect example of how this new era in shopping works. And Instagram—once mainly posting pictures—has become the social media platform of choice for customers looking to make purchases, which they can do quickly and conveniently in less time and with fewer website clicks.

As Nicole points out:

“There’s more of a ‘see it, buy it, love it’ philosophy on Instagram, and brands have made it easier to purchase [on the site] — you can buy something in three clicks.”

To read the full “Good Company” article, click here.

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