EGC Explains a Beautiful Friendship Between TikTok and Cosmetic Brands

Would you believe that TikTok can promote beauty brands and products? Find out how in an article for Global Cosmetic Industry, written by EGC President Nicole Penn.

Global Cosmetic Industry.ii.logoTikTok is no longer just for the Generation Z crowd, having scored a record number of downloads in the beginning of 2022 alone. And the downloads continue…

Nicole points out how the popularity of TikTok has grown to attract every kind of user, as well as their interests—including cosmetics and how they are marketed:

With that many active users from all walks of life, the social media channel offers plenty of marketing and brand-consumer engagement opportunities, even for new or yet-to-be discovered beauty ventures.

Nicole goes on to describe the power that TikTok has for making cosmetic brands seen and noticed, and also provides detailed techniques that should be applied by anyone looking to promote their products in the beauty industry—which include staying on top of trends, how to create thumb-stopping content, and ways to strategically leverage the power of influencers.

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