EGC Donates Impactful Campaign to United Way, Introduces #BornUnited

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the world, EGC Group recently came to the aid of a well-known local nonprofit, the United Way of Long Island, with a pro bono campaign – #BornUnited – consisting of a variety of promotional materials that included video, social media, print, and radio messaging.

United Way.ii

In the challenging times of this pandemic, EGC felt it was a worthy time to relaunch its participation in the CreateAthon program. In CreateAthon, everyone at the Agency donates their talent and minds to help charities and good causes. Stop and think for a moment: The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion, but one that is also challenging. Can you imagine the challenges of newborns during this time of COVID-19? With that question in mind, the United Way of Long Island launched the “Community Baby Shower” initiative to help families who are bringing new babies into the world while facing financial hardships that may include poverty or unemployment.

The #BornUnited campaign for the United Way of Long Island is a multimedia 360 campaign which includes distribution on a wide range of platforms with video, social media, print, and radio messages. EGC used its newly launched Virtual Content Studio to remotely build a video/spot. The EGC Media Team negotiated PSAs and donated media to run the campaign. This is a testament to how the creative process can happen from anywhere.

In creating this campaign, EGC itself faced some challenges; namely, adapting to working remotely for the planning, execution and launch of #BornUnited. On account of the demands necessitated by social distancing, for example, it was not possible to shoot new and fresh video content. Undaunted, EGC’s team assembled visual displays that touch the heart and convey the United Way’s of Long Island’s message of #BornUnited.

As Rich DeSimone, VP Creative Director at EGC states:
“We are learning all new ways to work during this time, and our Content Studio is proof of that. We’ve been turning around work very quickly to be able to have relevant messaging out for all of our clients.”

EGC’s efforts have paid off. Theresa A. Regnante, President and CEO of United Way of Long Island states:
“We are extremely grateful to have generous donors who value our mission and support the Born United appeal. It is great to see Long Islanders come together and spread a little hope and help lift up people in need. Thank you to The EGC Group for creating #BornUnited.”

EGC in turn thanks the United Way of Long Island for the chance to be of service in promoting – and leading by example – the theme of BornUnited: “Coming together for the greater good.”

To find out more, check out the URL:, or text “BornUnited” to 313131