EGC Discusses Nonprofits with Long Island Press

Ernie Canadeo, CEO and Founder of EGC Group and Chairman of the Long Island Music Hall of Fame, spoke with Long Island Press about fundraising and donations in today’s economy.

Long Island Press.logoThe article underlined the difference between donations in the last couple of years and now. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a noticeable increase of nearly five percent. In today’s unpredictable economy, however, charitable giving has stalled.

In order to manage and succeed, not-for-profit organizations must undertake careful and creative planning and strategizing. Case in point: The Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame (LIMEHoF).

Having held its grand opening two weeks ago, LIMEHoF was made possible by a combination of a discounted 25-year lease from the Ward Melville Heritage Organization and memorabilia that was donated from artists who are honored here. Items of memorabilia include Joan Jett’s 1983 Jaguar, a motorcycle from Billy Joel, Harry Chapin’s Congressional Medal, and from Blue Oyster Cult—you guessed it—a cowbell. Building on this momentum, Ernie Canadeo stated that a campaign is underway to raise more funding for LIMEHoF.

The article goes on to state that the act of donating is as beneficial to the giver as to the nonprofit that receives, which is fitting for this time of year.

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