EGC Discusses Influencer Marketing with The Drum

The Drum, a global publisher for marketing and media, got Nicole Penn’s take on where influencer marketing stands in this changing economy.Drum logo

The article in The Drum speculates on how brands must adapt in order to stay afloat in uncertain times when a recession may be pending. Nicole was among a group of industry leaders who all agreed that influencer marketing was—and will remain—a strong asset to brand strategy, despite what the economic forecast might be.

Nicole explained to The Drum that niche and micro-influencer marketing will increase, but serve as mentors to their followers by providing guidance on how to adopt a more frugal lifestyle:

“Consumers are feeling the rise in prices. The more we can be useful and helpful, the better. That’s a big part of our content strategy.”

Additionally, she stated that the EGC Group is currently developing content that focuses on how to budget more effectively, with concepts like: “How to build a meal under $5.”

Read the complete article in The Drum.

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