EGC Discusses Discord Platform with Adweek

Nicole Penn, President of EGC Group, recently offered her views to Adweek on the benefits offered by ad-free messaging platform, Discord.

Adweek.logo.News FeatureOnce a widely-used platform among video game fans, Discord has become a popular place for consumers to post their opinions about particular products and services of their favorite brands. The byproduct of these authentic posts to Discord is that brands can get clear and honest feedback about their success—as well as learn about where, what, and how they may need to improve.

Nicole expressed her observations about Discord’s influence, and how this platform has become an effective way for brands to promote themselves outside the confines of traditional advertising.

“So many people have left [Meta]…The CPMs have gone way up. It’s harder to target. Brands are looking to create communities in new places.”

Nicole is in the process of working on Discord campaigns for two different clients.

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